About Oxy Morons

The Hickey brothers don’t know much about life outside the projects.  No strangers to the havoc caused by crime and drug use, Jason and Danny are forever haunted by the murder of their bank robber father which left their family desolate.  When the boys’ mother comes home with a new prescription painkiller, the two are introduced to one tiny pill that would forever change their lives.  As they quickly find themselves at the height of Boston’s Oxycontin drug trade, the brothers and their ferociously loyal crew try to hold stable ground as their lives, and the lives of everyone around them, begin to crumble.

Based on the life of reformed drug pusher and user John Hickey, “Oxy-Morons” is an explosive, graphic film that depicts the devastation done to individuals, families, and communities when the prescription drug Oxycontin falls into the wrong hands. With the support of the Boston Law Enforcement community and private investors, Hickey delivers an edge-of-your-seat story that both entertains and exposes the harsh realities of Charlestown’s Oxycontin epidemic and the path he took to a better life.