Oxy-Morons feature is available for theatrical screening in the following:
DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Jpeg2000 projector master. Encoded by Deluxe.
HDCAM SR, DigiBeta, Blu-ray Disc.


Official Movie Poster: 27″x 39″                       Key Art:



Theatrical Length Trailer: rt=2:30, DCP jpeg2000 Digital Projector Master Format.


30 Second TV Spot: Available in all broadcast formats.


79 Responses to Distribution

  1. Buffy Fata says:

    Wish I could find the movie too. Email me please buffygall1@icloud.com
    I am also a Bostonian.

  2. Sic One says:

    Please put the soundtrack together, it doesn’t exist outside the movie. Even watching the credits you can’t find anything outside like 3 songs. I’m driving myself nuts looking for all the songs by machinery hall…..please throw it together

  3. Ryan chaffee says:

    Want to buy movie! Can’t find it anywhere

  4. loved loved loved this movie god damnn! i watch it over and over. mad props to you johnny hickey, stay strong and keep moving forward, youre amazing 🙂

  5. bobbi says:

    were can buy this movie in vancouver british columbia canada

  6. Justin says:

    Johnny, I loved your movie. I had never heard of it before and saw it on Netflix and put it in the Instant queue about 3 weeks ago. I woke up this morning and saw it and said “Oh shit!” So I started it and was about to get up for a drink and was glued to my seat before I could. I just got done watching it the second time back to fucking back. I’d never seen a trailer or heard of your film. I’m a film fanatic and love gritty real movies, especially when they’re based on true stories. Every one of my friends and I flipped out when OCs hit the streets and started using them when they came out. At first it was just casual weekend shit and then became an everyday thing. When I saw my friends start shooting up and realized some of the awful places i was going to, I stepped back and looked at what was happening and decided to quit cold turkey. Hardest thing i ever did… I ended up losing most of my friends to the drug, whether OD, jail, etc… But I lost most of them when I stopped coming around because they were always using and I couldn’t be around it for fear of relapse. I felt like I deserted them, but sometimes you need to part ways to survive. I see some of them sometimes and they still use and look terrible. They can’t ever get a job because of their wrap sheets, the way they look, and they’re not dependable at all. That could’ve easily been me, if not for for that “moment of clarity” I had that one day… Anyway, thank you for making this film Johnny and you’re a true inspiration. I hope you make another movie soon. Like you said, even if you just scare one kid into saying no to that lifestyle, you accomplished what you set out to do. Peace and love. Thanks for your time Johnny.

  7. Ken says:

    The love making scene name of song and who performed it. There should be a sound track

  8. ryan says:

    damn man, this is seriously one of the best movies that ive ever seen. period. is there any plans to put the soundtrack together? i would really like to get a cd of all the songs used in the movie, or at least a list of all the songs in the film. that would be the shit. im out like a bald dude.

  9. tj says:

    Where can I see this movie! I’m from south Philly an this movie looksfucking sick we have the same problem goon on down here id really like to watch this movie right now and for the life of me I cant find it anywhere someone helllppppp!!!!

  10. Ken Weems says:

    Where can I get the music sound track of the movie

  11. Alex says:

    put wrong email in last post so it’s alexandriailu111@icloud.com someone help please

  12. Alex says:

    okay so my on demand from Comcast does not have this movie !!! I’ve been looking everywhere ! even tryed to buy it here … sent an email to the new email thing for a new one to be sent …. still waiting someone help !?

  13. BeauZay says:

    What is the song playing when they go to their moms funeral? someone please help|!!!!!

  14. Brandon says:

    Can you buy the movie poster as well?

  15. Paul says:

    I saw this streaming on Netflix for like a day and then it got removed. What happened?

  16. Cliff says:

    Can u post a soundtrack I want to know that song they play when I think the characters name was tiny seen the movie like a year ago but its when he gets caught robbing the pharmacy and it goes my team stay sinister for the worlds most powerful painkillaz

  17. Anyone who purchased a DVD through Facebook or Paypal and has not received it, PLEASE email your mailing address to: dvdorder@oxymoronsmovie.com, and we will MAKE SURE you get one. This site had and has NOTHING to do with that situation, but we are honoring ALL payments made due to the circumstances, and in an effort to correct an unintentional but unfortunate situation. DVDs will be in stock in about 10 days. Thanks!

  18. benjaminbrown says:

    where can I buy this fucking movie already!!!!!!

  19. John Sabbia says:

    Whats up fam? Where can i get a physical copy of OxyMorons

  20. L man says:

    Johnny wats up this is Nicky from Lynn, MA i worked at Atlantis Hotel. I was working the gym and met ya back in October with your mom and daughter. Remember me? I was wondering if you could shoot me an email. Peace n god bless.

  21. Where can I get the DVD?

  22. ryan linder says:

    Hey this movie looks very interesting for anyone who has experimented and had trouble with oxycodone, I would like to know where I could get a copy of the movie or where I can view it.


  23. Anthony says:

    Were can I buy the DVD

  24. Jess Ellston says:

    I love this trailer I’m from Charlestown!
    I want to buy this movie will someone please tell me how to order it? I would like it in regular DVD & BlueRay DVD two copies! I can’t buy it or funding it anywhere please HELP!! I want to purchase the movie ASAP.

  25. pd says:

    Anyone have a link to any sites to either stream the movie or allow you to purchase a copy of the dvd?

  26. jsmiley36 says:

    Best movie I’ve seen in a long while I’ve watched it like ten times on demand Comcast its the balls johnny hickey is awsome great job kid

  27. jsmiley36 says:

    It’s on demand as of yesterday everybody

  28. richie A says:

    I was wondering if the movies out on dvd yet.As a Boston/Revere dude I am interested in seeing it since it is relatable.I am in a wheelchair since2002 due to a car accident from driving messed up on yup oxys.It sux but I’ve become a better man from it.So please let me know how I can get this movie.thanx buddy,be safe

    • jsmiley36 says:

      Richie what’s up bro I just saw movie for first time yesterday its on Comcast on demand I’m from newbedford ma I don’t no what cable system you have in revere but its out!wicked awsome flick so like I said its on on demand comcast for 4.99cents nice enjoy buddy

  29. jeremy zychowicz says:

    Ware can I get dvd everybody I know wants it can’t find noware

  30. Movie looks awesome bro. You probably dont remember me but I was in Middleton with you. Ill be looking for the film in April.

  31. Derek Tirrell says:

    Hey Guys

    Where can a buy a copy of this movie? I grew up in East Boston and this shit tore my neighborhood apart! It grabbed me by the fucking balls when I was 18 and it didn’t let go for 10 years!!! Luckily at the age of 28 I was accepted into the Charlestown Recovery House. That place along with the sober Community in Charlestown saved my life. Susan Smith, Frank McCarthy, and Sherry Davis are awesome over at the Recovery House. I wound up being the 4th person to graduate from the Charlestown Recovery House. I’d love to buy a copy of this movie. Please let me know where to do so.

    Thank You

    Derek Tirrell

  32. Matt says:

    Thanks Johnny, I can’t wait bro shits gonna be awesome!!!

  33. Pissed Off That I've been waiting years for this fkn film says:

    Man.. This has been ridiculous. I hyped this movie up out here in CA and can’t get a hold of it… Did you guys relapse!?

  34. Ben Guarini says:

    Where can I get the movie

  35. keith anderson says:

    Johnny from were we came from to see you put togetha something like this is still unbelievable! The world needs to see the real ugly nasty side of addiction and the lifestyle that goes along with it…specially in the city of Boston! Proud of you brotha keep shining!!

  36. Johnny Hickey says:

    Movie is to be released to In-Demand to cable networks April 2012 also DVD Itunes Hulu ect. It’s been a long road I wish it was easier especially for a film you all love so much thanx for your Patience, you’ll also be able to purchase a DVD/Blue ray here after it’s run with In-Demand Verizon Charter Comcast etc.

  37. Cheech Mayne says:

    Im tryn to buy this DVD asap, hook me up

  38. JDUBB says:

    I live in Denver, CO
    Where can I purchase the DVD?

  39. s.c says:

    where can i see this movie? i live 5mins from charlestown never saw it playing anywhere

  40. Eric schille says:

    I would like to know where I can buy a DVD of the film “oxymorons” and also an “oxymorons” movie poster. If you could email me back a website where these items can be purchased at shizz293@aol.com I would greatly appreciate it, thankyou.
    Eric Schille

  41. Joshua Picanso says:

    I watched this trailer 1000 times and it looks really good. I’m from lowell ma, I dont think I know anyone who doesnt do this shit.. Ruined my life and alot of people I know..Please let me know where I can go to buy it.. I really wanna see the full movie.

  42. Zach Harrington says:

    Hello from Florida. When will the movie be available on DVD? Congratulations on your success with the film. Please hit me up with an email and let me know. Thank you.

  43. Zach says:

    On the site it says available on DVD and blue ray?? Where can I buy the movie oxymorons?? This site?? On DVD or blue ray?! Please tell me where I can buy this mOvie on DVD preferrablly on blue ray. I’ve been waitin wanting this movie for years please let it be available for sale.

  44. Jimbo says:

    I saw this movie the 2nd day it was out in a select movie theater. If I recall correctly, it was about a year ago at a SHOWCASE CINEMAS in Revere, MA. I have been searching for this movie on DVD, blockbuster, netflix, google, etc. and CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE!! I want to show my girlfriend this movie, where can I get this movie or where can I watch it??? JOHNNY HICKEY, can you do us all a favor and let us know if that is possible or not?? (Since no one else has answered this simple question, god damn…)

  45. casey says:

    I need this movie. Ive seen this all to often between 04-10 in Southie and Q. Please email and let me know where / how to purchase it. TY

  46. Dave callahan says:

    When and where can I buy this movie?

  47. Kurtis says:

    Can I buy this DVD anywhere I would really like to watch it, and so would all my friends.

  48. amyngraves says:

    Where can I watch this movie if I am not local??

  49. Garlix says:


    Ill have to start whit saying this movie looks good, and learning. BUT i cant find this fucking movie!!
    I have been searching for the buy now button under the oxy-morons tittle on every movie site possible… but havent found it yet…

    so what are you doing? make a movie and let noone watch? this has to be the only movie i have ever failed to find….

    Be a sport and upload this movie already …… if its not going to stores then pirate the damn thing talk whit piratebay they will probably make adds for you and millions wuld watch it!

    Best Regards

  50. Gordon says:

    Where did you see this movie? anywhere to find it online? cant find it anywhere to rent even on dvd/blu ray.

  51. Kevin says:

    When and where can I see this movie? I live in Miami Florida. Is it in the theaters, DVD????

  52. Melissa says:

    I just learned of this film and would like to purchase a copy. When will it be available?

  53. David Wagner says:

    Can I get this on DVD blu ray download iTunes something bro.

  54. Esky says:

    been trying to find this flick for like a year it inspired me to get clean, have to help in anyway possible I am a up and coming artist of music IO write and sing and play several instruments, maybe I can add to the official soundtrack or just promote the crap out of it through my fans. . . eitherway I have to watch it full length tired of the trailer :o) -esky

  55. Guest says:

    Seriously, where can I get a DVD copy of this film?

  56. Nicole gamez says:

    Where can I buy this

  57. Can you buy this on DVD yet?

  58. Timmy Kazmierczak says:

    Where can you even find this movie to watch to, would love to see this movie.

  59. chris says:

    where the fuck can i watch the movie?

  60. McDaniel,.Ryan says:

    I live in Indianapolis and would like to find out where or how I may see this film?

  61. Justin Joy says:

    i need to see this… where can i?

  62. Jordanv211 says:

    How do u get this movie .. It was awesome

  63. Emily says:


  64. Katie Murray says:

    where can i get this movie havent seen it yet and am very anxious to watch it

  65. Joe says:

    Is it really that hard to release the movie on Dvd? Most of us don’t live near Boston.

  66. jdubz says:

    Will this movie be playing in SF or Sacramento California? This film is coming out at a good time considering our governments efforts to stop terrorism? I mean we are posted in Afghanistan the country that just so happens to export the POPPY! right as our govt. changes the formula for OC’s OXYCONTIN now re-engineered to OP’s which are tamper proof… Anyways I’m stoked somebody is getting the message out there… Cause now the Heroin epidemic is back! GO USA GO DOCTORS GO PHARMACY’S WTF? our country is WHACKED govt issued HEROIN!

  67. Angela kennedy says:

    Can you buy this movie on dvd yet ..saw it loved it

  68. Dave says:

    where can i buy the dvd

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