Current TV features Johnny Hickey and Oxy-Morons in the Vanguard Series episode “Gateway to Heroin”. Johnny takes journalist/host Mariana Van Zeller to his old Oxy haunts in Charlestown and Boston as they discuss Johnny’s past role in transforming Oxycontin into an explosive street drug and his now reformed life as a filmmaker. Click here for a behind the scenes look at the highly rated episode.

Boston Phoenix: The Secret Life of a Charlestown Drug Dealer 2/5/2011
Chris Faraone put Oxy-Morons in the public eye with his cover story detailing Charlestown native Johnny Hickey’s life.

Blast Magazine: Oxy-Morons: One Man’s Journey From Prison to the Silver Screen 3/28/2011
Blast Magazine’s Molly Coombs doesn’t just touch over the Oxy-Morons story and creation in this article. Coombs gets straight to the heart of this project: “Unlike Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Requiem for a Dream’ or Brian De Palma’s ‘Scarface,’ films that have come to personify and glorify their respective drugs, ‘Oxy-Morons’ eschews these stylistic trappings and goes straight for the gut,” she writes. Coombs emphasizes that the goal of Oxy-Morons is to show the dark reality of drug addiction. She talks about Vincent Piro, Woburn District Court’s HEAT Program, and the many donations from the Boston Police Department and Massachusetts Department of Correction that made this film possible.

JAM’N 94.5: Director of Oxy-Morons In Studio 3/1/2011
Missed it or want to hear it again? Catch the podcast of Johnny Hickey on JAM’N 94.5 talking about Oxy-Morons, growing up in Charlestown, the poor living conditions of the Charlestown projects, and life after working as a government informant. JAM’N 94.5 was voted Boston’s number one radio station for Hip Hop and R&B.

The Boston Phoenix Blog: Charlestown Pharma-Bandit Flick “OxyMorons” Back For Another Theater Run 2/25/2011
Phoenix writer Chris Faraone follows up his in-depth cover story on Johnny Hickey with a reminder to readers about Oxy-Morons. “After playing for a week at Showcase in Revere – and out-selling all other films – they’re bringing it back for another run (2/25-3/10).”  Making the Rounds 2/25/2011
Boxer “Irish’’ Micky Ward is a busy man. Capitalizing on his newfound fame following “The Fighter,’’ Ward and his half-brother Dicky Eklund are on a national speaking tour. The other night, he stopped by Showcase Cinemas in Revere to support Johnny Hickey, whose first film, “Oxy-Morons,’’ is screening there for two more weeks .  To see Micky’s reaction to “Oxy-Morons”, click here.

Oxy Watchdog: Oxy abuse hits the big screen in film’s true-life portrayal 2/16/2011
Oxy Watchdog is an online magazine run by Erin Marie Daly. The magazine reports on wide range of everything oxy, including policy and regulation, oxycontin-related crimes, and personal stories.

WGBH: The Callie Crossley Show: OxyMorons 2/14/2011
Chris Faraone and Johnny Hickey team up for an interview with Callie Crossley and paint quite a picture of Charlestown in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Hickey sums up the large criminal demographic in Charlestown: “If you grow up in a family of dentists, you’re going to be a dentist. If you grow up in a family of criminals, you’re going to be a criminal.”

Right Turn Radio 96.9: OxyMorons 2/13/2011
Johnny Hickey and Brendan Brennan are together on Right Turn Radio as local filmmakers sharing their personal stories and how each of their life experiences shaped Oxy-Morons.

WFNX 101.7 Boston: Johnny Hickey and Chris Faraone 2/7/2011
Missed Johnny Hickey and Chris Faraone on WFNX 101.7? Hear the podcast of the show as Hickey and the Boston Phoenix journalist discuss their long history together, beginning in September 2006, when Hickey had first written the Oxy-Morons screenplay. Faraone spent the next few weeks following Hickey around Charlestown, developing a story that landed him on the cover of the Phoenix.

Lowell Film Collaborative: Boston-based film “OxyMorons” now screening at National Amusements Showcase Revere (MA) 2/7/2011
The Lowell Film Collaborative keeps an eye on independent films/film festivals in the Lowell area and publishes news of local film and video events.

New England MMA News: Sylvia Fighting on the Big Screen Tonight 2/4/2011
Former UFC Champion, MMA legend, and Maine native Tim Sylvia stepped out of the ring and onto the set of Oxy-Morons as ‘Monster.’ Joining Sylvia as athlete-turned-actor in Oxy-Morons is the former Boston Bruins player Lyndon Byers.

The Feast Boston: Boston Drug-Dealer-Turned-Filmmaker Tells His Story in ‘OxyMorons’ 2/2/2011
The Feast Boston is an online resource covering only the best local events and nightlife for Bostonians. Blogger Katy Kelleher tells readers that while the “incredible true story of the drug dealer-turned-informant-turned-filmmaker can be read in its entirety at The Phoenix…it’s even better seen on screen.”

WCVB TV: Boston Man Turns Drug-Addled Life Into Movie 1/21/2011
WCVB TV features the Oxy-Morons story and interviews Johnny Hickey, describing him as “not the kind of guy most of us know.”

Johnny Hickey on Prescription Addiction Radio 11/21/2010
Hear Johnny Hickey speak on Prescription Addiction Radio! Read one Prescription Addiction listener’s review here .

WN Network: Behind Oxy-Morons: Johnny Hickey and Brendan Brennan talk about Oxy-Morons film 5/2/2010
Tim Jackson of WN Network interviews Johnny Hickey and Brendan Brennan in a two-part interview, where they discuss Hickey’s interest in filmmaking, how they did it, and why Oxy-Morons is a story that needs to be told. Oxycontin’s firm grasp on Boston hit Hickey on a new level when the drug reached his fellow inmates in prison through a guard. It was there that he came up with the idea for the Oxy-Morons screenplay.

WCVB TV: Local Man Transforms Drug Past Into Movie 11/6/2009
In the first of two interviews, WCVB TV introduces Boston to Johnny Hickey: “You may not know Johnny Hickey’s name, but law enforcement sure does.” Hickey talks about the reality and horror of Oxycontin addiction and future plans for the movie, while executive producer Damian DiPaulo stresses the message of Oxy-Morons, the production process, and what it’s like to produce against the shot-in Boston publicity giants “The Town” and “Wichita.”

Loaded Gun: “Oxy-Morons” flick setting up shop in Charlestown 9/9/2009
Sam Baltrusis writes for Loaded Gun Boston, an online magazine that keeps readers up-to-date on the latest made-in Boston films.

Boston Herald Inside Track: Charlestown’s hooked on ‘Oxy’ 9/6/2009
While big-budget Boston movie projects like “The Town” and “Wichita” won the attention of cameras and newspapers nationally, The Boston Herald’s Inside Track turned its focus to the local producers of the “super low-budget ‘Oxymorons,'” who “are quietly gaining support for their indie flick from locals who think the film’s message is priceless.”